The Winter Blues…in March.

Does this Lingering Winter have you down? Well, you are not alone.

In the past couple of days I have talked with a number of clients and friends and they all had one thing in common….the blues. Most likely a temporary version, but the blues nonetheless. Being familiar with the feeling myself, I know that what you need to do most is usually what you want to do least…. EXERCISE.

I personally feel that the best cure for feeling down is going for a walk. Walking can banish the blues better than anything else…it brings calm, clarity, and just enough movement to wake up the cardiovascular system. With a mildly increased heart rate, the breath becomes more active clearing out any stale, stagnant energy that is most likely contributing to the overall feeling of depression.

So, go put on some warm clothes and head outside for a stroll to clear your mind and breathe in that fresh, potent and powerful oxygen. Walk for at least 30 minutes, and if you need extra motivation phone a friend and make it a party.

Not interested in taking a walk? Stand up and power pose for a minute or two. This means stand tall with your arms in the air as if you were in charge of the “Y” for the Village People. Lift your heart and breathe big. Maybe even force a smile. Stay there for at least a minute… long enough for your nervous system to adequately respond, and then see how you feel. If you feel awkward close the blinds and shut your door so that no one can see you.

If you still feel awkward, contact me. I can help you remove the invisible armor that is holding you back from being able to feel free in your body. Seriously.

And…when you are finished with your power pose you can always laugh at yourself. After all, laughter is another fantastic way to beat the blues.




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