See Saw Breath

Why practice breath work? Well, we all have a natural breath pattern that we have developed as a byproduct of our life experience…past and present. Any stressors, pains or traumas we have experienced in our lives play a significant role in the patterns we end up with as adults. In a nutshell, breathing practices introduce new patterns to break through old patterns. Plain and simple.  And when we start to break through the patterns that have been restricting the potential fullness of our breath, we can begin to let stuff go… Emotional, mental and physical stuff. Pretty simple, right? I’ll say it again….when you break through the current breath pattern you are stuck in…you will feel better.


My latest breath play of choice has been the “See Saw” Breath. Students like it, I like it. It quite possibly has another more traditional name somewhere in the yoga vocab, but I quite like See Saw… It implies simplicity. And it is simple…yet the results can be profound.


How to do the See Saw Breath:

First, read through the instructions so it makes sense. Then lie down, find a comfortable position and actually do the practice.

Start by Identifying the 2 main cavities of your upper body. Your chest cavity, and Your abdominal Cavity.
Find and settle into a comfortable breathing rhythm. Observe where your breath naturally goes, and which cavity naturally changes shape. Just observe.

Now, as you inhale, allow the abdominal cavity to change shape and expand while keeping the chest cavity still. Exhale.

On the next inhale, allow the abdominal cavity/belly to remain still while allowing the shape change to occur in the chest cavity. Exhale.

On the next inhale, Switch the breath back to the belly while keeping the chest still…


Switch again.

And so on.

Continue for 5 minutes or so, and then return to a natural breath. Observe the experience. Maybe you will be able feel as you let stuff go, or maybe the stuff that comes up will sneak quietly out the back door. Both processes are fine. No need to search for an experience, just have the one you are having. And Breathe. Easy day.

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