“Kate is an incredible, inspiring yoga teacher who has the gift of gently evoking positive transformation. What I admire most is her ability to speak and teach from a genuine, honest place. Everything Kate does is infused with grace, and in her wise yet humble approach she has given me the tools to better navigate my own path on this journey we are all on together.” ~Nancy


“Over the years my connection with yoga has transformed and grown with the guidance and support from Kate Baldwin. From sport injuries to natural child birth, the skills I have learned have been not only life improving but also life changing.”  ~Crystal


“Kate is a fantastic guide in many ways. I use the word guide because she doesn’t just instruct you into yoga poses or tell you to clear your mind and meditate she changes your perspective to get you there on your own. She seems to grasp that everybody thinks or understands things differently and she is great at adjusting her methods to different peoples way of learning. I started just taking her yoga classes and it inspired me so much I ended up in her 200 hour yoga teacher training. I have been teaching for three years now and I love it!” ~April


“Kate has been such an inspiration to me in many ways. It’s the way that she is …down to earth, someone who always sees the good in people and always willing to help. I am slowly picking up the pieces and putting them together and Kate has helped me to want to make this journey. The lessons I am learning just by watching and listening to the person that Kate is are priceless! I am feeling happier and healthier everyday.” ~Alice


“There is a kind of presence, a kind of raw honesty and experienced wisdom, that can only come from someone who has reached way down into the dark, has been made vulnerable and humbled, has sought knowledge and the strength of the Self from many corners of the heart, the mind, and the world…a kind of presence that is trusting, powerful, absolutely real, and ever so gentle. This is Kate. “ ~Hannah


“Yoga on the North Shore with Kate changed my life! I completed a teacher training with Kate and loved it ! What a wonderful world it is to be able to get training like this not just for teaching yoga but for everyday life! I am teaching now in Utah and sharing every thing I learned in Hawaii!
Sharing Wisdom love and humility is so good for the soul !!!! Gratitude to Kate Baldwin for helping me blossom!!!” ~Lila


“I had the great fortune to become a Registered Yoga Teacher under Kate Baldwin’s guidance. While saying she forever changed my life might sound like a bit of stretch – it is the truth. It wasn’t so much what Kate said that made such an impact, it is how Kate is. Kate embodies the principles of yoga in a way that stretched me to become so much more than I ever thought was possible.” ~Marge Ananda


“Kate has a beautiful unique blend of humility & grace, confidence & strength. She remains grounded & centered regardless of what life is throwing her way. One of the most driven women I know, sharing her wisdom & helping others seems to come natural to her. I honestly can’t put into words how much her teaching & being changed & influenced my life in the most positive ways. I have the utmost love & respect for her. She is constantly striving to learn more, to be a better person & to give back all that she has with those around her.” ~Tara


“When I first looked into yoga teacher trainings, Kate’s program stood out for both the location and the feel of the schedule – not too hard, not too soft, nicely rounded. Still, so much was unknown. I flew out for the training. One month later, not only do I now know how to teach a fun, safe, authentic class, but I have discovered a newly uncovered peace and a complete dedication to life and to this yogic path. Kate and Lilly, and with Steve Ross’s visit, took us every day down this path of learning, discipline, self-discovery, and further into bliss. I can’t thank them enough. Oh yes, and my classmates are like a new and wonderful family, so that’s pretty darn great too.” ~Kris

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