2013: My year in review…

This is my first ever attempt at a year in review. I used to despise these things, but now, at the wise, old age of 35, I can see and appreciate the value. So, here goes…

Terry and I started the year in NYC with a death, the death of 666 Park Avenue…Thank God,  because after the tragedy that was Hurricane Sandy, the cancelled Marathon for which I spent months in training, and way too much snow for our thin Island-conditioned blood, the city life had lost its luster, to say the least. After shooting the final episodes, we bade farewell to the cold, crowded city, and our upstairs neighbors with the thunderous twins and elephantine dogs, and made peace with the building super and apartment broker and trusting that they would find someone to take over the six additional months of our apartment lease. (Which never happened…ouch.)

We made our way, lock stock and barrel, and at no small expense in funds and energy, to the postage stamp in the middle of the pacific…Hawaii. Which as most of you probably know, is my favorite place EVER.



While there, I taught at a yoga festival called Wanderlust while simultaneously searching for the perfect place to live, which turned out not to be as easy as we had expected. After a month of searching, and dawdling (which Hawaii encourages) I traveled to work on a film in India and Terry flew to LA to shoot a new pilot for the FOX network called “Gang Related.”



I spent a very hot and humid month in India, traveling with a group of friends, surfing and yoga-ing as part of a documentary film called “Beyond the Surface”, while Terry returned to Hawaii and played a few weeks of bad golf. The film looks lovely, and the trip provided me with lots of incredible photographs, great memories and a shifted perspective on what really matters. The film will be released in the springtime and has been submitted to the Tribeca film festival… fingers crossed.


Image 2


In early May we headed east for the Kentucky Derby and the BMW golf tournament in which Terry participates every year, (while they’ll have him), both perks of his trade which are impossible to refuse given the travel they provide. This was our fourth month of living out of a suitcase, but when you consider Hawaii, the Kentucky Derby, and Golf tournaments, it seems unreasonable to whine about our gypsy existence.




We then headed north to Virginia to spend time with my family. After our failed attempts to find a place to call home in Hawaii, we decided that before we spent all of our money on hotels and high living, maybe we should find a home in Virginia Beach. After all, it has lots of amenities: the beach, nice weather, my family, “all you can eat” crab legs, (the only “all you can eat” I approve of),  and a great airport….simple decision, all we had to do was find the right house…which we actually did, fairly quickly.

Meanwhile, we crashed at my mom’s, knowing we would not be there for long. Ha! I had no idea buying a home would take 2 and a half months! My mom’s house is lovely but small, and my mom is a dear, patient and wonderful woman, but while the home-buying process took it’s time, we headed into our second month at her house, and our sixth month living out of suitcases, with wrinkled clothes and frayed sensibilities….and that is putting it mildly.  Thank goodness for the positive attitude yoga has provided me.


On July 15th there was much to be celebrated, Terry turned 61 and we received the keys to our new home. Woo hoo! Our furniture, however, which had been living it up in storage in Hawaii, was making it’s slow, familiar way back to the east coast. It was becoming more valuable with every trans-oceanic, intercontinental journey. If only furniture could collect skymiles….


Finally, on August 1st, after a week or two of sleeping on the floor in our new home, our furniture arrived and we enjoyed 2 lovely weeks of domestic bliss… until once again the specter of employment raised its ugly/beautiful head, Hawaii 5-0 wanted Joe White back. So once again, we packed our travel weary suitcases all the while reminding ourselves how grateful we are for work. We headed off to Hawaii where Terry did his thing, and I joined the “Beyond The Surface” production crew and jumped right into the editing process. (I have found the whole film-making process to be very inspiring. I have no idea what, if anything, will come of it, but it has definitely opened up a new channel for creativity….and I just happened to receive a new camera for Christmas!)

After a short week in the Islands, we headed to California where Terry would film his new series. We found a “cozy” little one bedroom in Venice where I started a course of online classes studying anatomy, writing, and nutrition… and patience. (I have always been a ‘live in the moment’ kind of girl, but Terry”s line of work has taken “go with the flow” to an entirely new level.) Things have been little cramped in California, but we have taken comfort in the fact that we have a beautiful, new home in Virginia Beach filled with well traveled furniture awaiting our return for the holidays…




…..from where I write you this missive.  I am happy with my new line of work as a Health Consultant, and “Gang related” looks really good, so we have hopes of a few years of employment, always offering a nod to the fates, who might drop you in a hot minute, not to mention the fickle American viewing public. (But we love you, fickle American viewing public, so tune in to FOX and watch “Gang Related” in May.) We head back to California early in the new year so Terry can shoot the final 3 episodes of the first season, after which we will pack our suitcases and cross our fingers.


Of course there were many moments in 2013 that I couldn’t fit into this brief “year in review,” for example my getting lost, after sundown, with a friend in the Hawaiian hills while re-shooting some yoga imagery for “Beyond The Surface” and having to be rescued by the fire department, the coast guard, and the police……or a near miss with an angry mama elephant in Sri Lanka with the clear intention of ramming our van off the road…. or Terry’s near death but hilarious experience at a Virginia Beach restaurant…. or finding out that our vacant apartment in NY, the very one that was supposed to be rented out to a new tenant, was in fact doubling as doctor’s office at our expense…. but this will all surely make great conversation the next time we get to have a visit….a time both Terry and I will look forward to.


I am happy to say that our health is good, our spirits are high, and we are setting intentions to keep in better touch with family and friends.


The odyssey that was 2013 has taught us, if nothing else, that Dorothy was right….there is no place like home. And thank God we finally have one.



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