Q&A with Lilly….and me.

Meet Lilly Barels, my yoga partner in crime.


And for those of you that don’t yet know me….Hello there.



In honor of the upcoming Wanderlust Teacher Training Program, Lilly and I threw together a little Q&A style interview to help you get to know us a little better. And maybe we can entice you to come train with us in Hawaii…


1.If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

LILLY: Pippi Longstocking

KATE: I would be equal parts Wonder Woman, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and Nancy Drew.


2. Why Yoga?

LILLY: Because it restores balance and harmony in a chaotic and frenetic world.  And mostly because it reminds me of what’s authentic and important.

KATE: I am pretty sure yoga saved my life. I found yoga at a time when my life was pretty rocky and my choices were far from healthy, and although it took time, practicing yoga made me a better person, a better partner, a better sister, and a better daughter. I may have stars in my eyes, but I feel like yoga has the power to change the world by changing the people in it. And I like handstands.


3. What song or lyrics describe you or your life perspective best?

LILLY: “Love.

It will not betray you,

dismay or enslave you,

it will set you free.”

– Mumford & Sons

KATE: This is tough…But the first one to come to mind is Don Henley’s “The Heart of the Matter.” It is one of my all time fave’s. It is such a great song with a great message. “It’s about forgiveness…”


4. What is something not many people know about you?

LILLY: I pick out my eyebrows when I get stressed or anxious.  It’s a real disorder called trichotillomania and it’s sort of embarrassing when there’s gaping holes leftover.

KATE: I won my 5th grade talent show with a rap. Yup, me and 3 childhood friends. That said, this was in a small mountain town in rural Pennsylvania, in the era of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany, and I had a perm. So, rapping might not accurately describe what I was doing on stage. But we won.


5. Favorite asana?

LiLLY: Half Moon/Ardha Chandrasana

KATE: It changes all the time, but lately I am all about supported bridge. I usually push myself into all kinds of versions of wheel during the backbend part of a practice, but lately I have been all about support. Putting a block under my pelvis in bridge pose gives me space to invert and feel comforted at the same time. I love it.


6. What is something you would do if you weren’t held back by fear?

LILLY: Sky Dive

KATE: Its a toss up between taking improv comedy lessons or learning to fly a plane.


7. Favorite word used when teaching yoga?

LILLY: Breathe

KATE: Harmony


8. Teaching Pet Peeve: 

LILLY: When a teacher forgets to do a pose on the second side

KATE: I get a little annoyed when teachers get overly creative with language….when they sound like they have been studying a thesaurus to find a new and unique way to say “stretch.” But I get it, I do. I just think it is more important to be yourself than it is to be unique.


9. Why work with each other?

LILLY: Kate and I are like peanut butter and jelly–We are perfect together.  Kate is a real, consistent, wise woman and she is my role model.  There is no one else I’d rather work with and no one else I admire as much.

KATE: Lilly is my soul sister. We have this sort of natural “harmony” when we work together and it feels completely effortless. Our teaching styles are so compatible, but at the same time we are very different…..which makes us a fantastic team. And, on another note,  she is probably the coolest person I know. I feel very, very lucky.


Beyond these questions I will add that both Lilly and I are incredibly passionate about teaching yoga and empowering new teachers with the confidence and tools to go out there and make a difference. Facilitating change fuels us both and cracks our hearts wide open…


For more info on the upcoming Wanderlust Teacher Training, click here.

For more info on Lilly, visit her site lillyyoga.com




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